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(Chaco 2/11/2016)

With the idea to give always more to our clients, we have improve our facilities. With this much bigger Store we can improve our stock and have more variety of spare parts and products.


(Paraguay. 10/05/2016)

Technology Perez is participating in agricultural fair Expo 2016 Santa Rita in Paraguay. Constantly promoting commercial development, the Expo Santa Rita becomes the ideal place to generate customers, business meetings and specification framework. Bringing our brand and experience beyond our borders. logo

New TP-SH2014 Cutting Sugar Cane reaping mowing machine.

This machine was designed for small and medium producers, with a simple operation and easy handling. The 3 point hitch system allows a quick implementation of the machine, and also the release is really easy and quick too.

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(Bs.As. 19/10/2014)

The AGRO suplement of the "EL CLARIN" a very important argentinian newspaper, has published a note on the benefits of our mower conditioner. Also Talks about our various models and the great benefits you get from them. A brief summary of the evolution of our machines and the different models that we develop.

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The monthly magazine of M & E machinery and equipment posted an interesting note of 5 pages in full color. With the excuse of the acquisition of the new multipurpose center Mazak

This publication makes an interesting journey since the beginning of our company's to the latest incorporation of the Japanese machine Mazak multitasking. Note This magazine specializes in machinery and technology. To view the complete press release please click here. (only available in spanish)

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We are pleased to announce a new addition, always committed to the latest technology as is tradition in our company.

We have incorporate a new Multipurpuse Center, with a MAZATROL MATRIX II, this advanced CNC System is the manufacturing solution. High Quality, High Productivity, Ease of Operation and Safety.

It will help us continue to grow and making the best spare parts of the agricultural market, this machine with high precision and speed will give us more quality standards of our products!

We rebuilt the entire site! New design for the new times! The new website, all responsive. Our new internet projects are adapted for mobile phones, connect very easily with the social networks and allow the updating of content.
This new version cames with a lot of improvements, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). The fluid grid concept calls for page element sizing to be in relative units like percentages, rather than absolute units like pixels or points. Flexible images are also sized in relative units, so as to prevent them from displaying outside their containing element.

Since the beggining we are seeking for the latest technology in all the fields of the company.

New TP-SA2013 conditioning harvester a new generation of reaping machine. with 2 carriers belts that deposit the pasture into a truck or barrow wagon.

The unique system of blades of rectilinear movement that cuts without damaging the pasture, avoiding the development of diseases. The clean cut assures a fast sprout again and the greater persistence the pasture. Thus it gains a cut or more by campaign.


50 years later, Perez Technology not only continues growing along with the latest technology, thanks to the efforts of founders and managers has crossed geographical boundaries, making this local reality into a global success.

During the celebration, the company's president, Juan Carlos Perez, expressed words of welcome to the guests and shared a touching story of its inception, the help of their parents, the support of his wife and their children, and of course the support of the customers and suppliers. All those who have made ​​it possible to path this half century of hard work but also of achievement and satisfaction.

(8th April, 2013)
The metallurgical employer Juan Carlos Perez spoke to the local media and gave a summary of his working life, serving 50 years of working with your company we started very humbly in 1963.

Perez told us how he came to possess this important metal today who runs, starting with a small shop dedicated to the repairs in 1963 and then to make good decisions and work hard, get a factory today dedicated to the metallurgical sector, with around 50 employees and a constant activity that is growing every day and participating in the international market. This birthday was celebrated with a big dinner for the extended family that makes up this local business and their relatives. more